Openness Urged by Mobile 500 Alliance

As mobile dtv progresses it is becoming defined and its future mapped out. Some of the players who are becoming manifest are linked to, right, under Allliances: Mobile 500 Alliance, Open Mobile Video Coalition, and MVC.

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WinTV-Aero-m Enables Live TV for PC-based Netbooks

CES 2011: Hauppauge announces rollout of WinTV-Aero-m tuner for PC-based Laptops and Netbooks. The WinTV-Aero-m is a USB receiver that decodes both regular and Mobile DTV.

With a suggested retail of $69.00, bring it on! Just plug it into the USB port of your netbook or laptop, and voila! Live local television. Check it out on the right, courtesy of TVB

Product Page, Hauppage Company Website

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